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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are custom-designed ceramic coatings for each patient that cover the front surface of teeth with the primary purpose of enhancing their appearance and aesthetics. With this type of treatment it is possible to change the color, shape, orientation, size and even the length of teeth.

Detailed planning

It is important for the patient to visualize how their new smile will look. So, the planning of each case is accompanied by the new digital technologies so that we can, together with the patient, create a smile of their own.

Minimum thickness

Nowadays, with the advancement of the technology of ceramic materials used in dentistry, the thickness of the veneers is decreasing to 0.3 - 0.5mm, which allows to preserve much more of the structure of the natural tooth, becoming a minimally invasive and highly durable solution.

Strength and Softness

Although they have a reduced thickness, the veneers, when properly cemented to the tooth enamel, have a resistance similar to that of the natural tooth. Maintenance care of the dental veneers is very similar to the care of natural teeth.

Reproduce nature

Veneers perfectly reproduce the shape, texture and color of natural teeth. Each patient has personal and physical characteristics that make them unique so their smile will also be unique.


A smile that stands the test of time

In the long term, ceramic dental veneers have enormous longevity, demonstrating  an enormous resistance to pigmentation and color change over time. Your smile will remain if it changes from day one!

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