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Happy Little Girl


Child at the Dentist

At LP CLINIC, Dental Medicine for youngsters and pregnant women has a special place.

The first visit to the dentist, even before the first baby teeth are born, helps to prevent oral problems in older ages.

A Special Place

Fear of the dentist

Today we know that going to the dentist at a very young age prevents the likelihood of developing phobias about dental treatment. Thus, at LP CLINIC, we create an environment in which visiting the dentist is free from anxiety and fears, making the dentist something natural for our children.


Grow and Learn

Creating good oral health habits in the youngest prevents bigger problems in the future. Through games and specific strategies for the youngest, these lessons are transmitted by our team, creating the foundations for a bright future.

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Conscious Sedation

  Conscious Sedation is a technique indicated for anxious and phobic patients, particularly children, allowing them to reach a state of total relaxation and tranquility, while being awake, cooperative and in total safety, thus facilitating dental treatment.

The administration of gas is done by inhalation, through a nasal mask, whose dosage is controlled by a mixing device and by the doctor. The patient remains conscious and awake, and after the consultation, he can resume his normal life without any kind of limitation, as recovery is complete and immediate. 

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